Visit to the Prison in Wierzchowo, Poland

July 1, 2010

Written by Halina Pląder,Poland
One beautiful Thursday, when the sun finally started shining over our country after a period of heavy rains, Shubhraji, accompanied by a group of friends /students *), visited the prison in Wierzchowo, Poland.

Located in a picturesque landscape, at the edge of old forests and green fields, the prison is led by lieutenant colonel Andrzej Samek who serves the prisoners in a really unique way.

All the prisoners have had opportunity to meditate, practice kundalini yoga, listen to gong and Tibetan bowls concerts or have Thai Chi trainings, therapeutic lectures and workshops. Among all those events the visit of Shubhraji one could hardly treat as unusual.

The speech given by Shubhraji corresponded in a perfect way with everyday effort being put by the prison’s staff into cultivating humanity among the prisoners and help to wake up their consciousness. There was pin drop silence as She spoke about the power of Love and the choice they must make with regard to their thoughts. At the end of an hour, one could see that Shubhraji’s words had a profound effect on the inmates.

Before the talk, the Director of the prison took us to the forest . The trip was amazing – we all walked to a lake and then went to a Healing Indian Stone Circle located in a meadow nearby.

Poland Forest 007(1)

As we were walking through the forest, one of our companions – Michał Papierski, put some crystals at the roots of an old dying elm tree. The idea was to help the giant to be healed. Another piece of crystal – blessed by Shubhraji and filled with her prayers – was thrown into the waters of the lake.

The “crystal action” was part of a greater project called “The Crystal Net of A New Consciousness” introduced in the area by Michał.

After contemplating at the Indian Circle and Shubhraji’s lecture to a hundred listeners in the theatre, decorated with a silhuette of an astonishing great Dragon, we were invited to a vegetarian dinner prepared and served with attention by the prisoners themselves.

The spirit of freedom present in spite of all the bars, doors, uniforms and interior discipline was drifting around and above us all time we spent in the companionship of our host. Thanks to him we all could experience the truth of the words :
“The art of living is revealed in a lighthearted manner”.
Thank you, Wierzchowo, for that unforgettable visit!
Thanks you Shubhraji!

*(in order of appearance: Dariusz – Darek Witkowski – spiritus movens of the whole event, Piotr Brzozowski – the closest& faithful disciple and translator, Madzia Magdalena – all the necessary arrangements lady, Tadzio – Tadeusz Zieliński – the hidden author of spiritual Poland’s website and Shubhraji’s most reliable driver, the Papierski Family (Michał, his wife Ania and their daughter – Malwinka, one of the greatest fans of dragons), Zbyszek Stecko – our host’s friend, persistently taking photos , and finally Halina Pląder – lady in the jacket reporting these impressions.

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— Arielle Ford. Author of Wabi Sabi Love and The Soulmate Secret
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