May 9, 2013


The Bhagavad Gita : Chapter TEN [compiled by Kamini Khanna. Mombasa, Kenya. Africa]

The tenth chapter unveils the vibhuti or glory of the Lord. The whole world is a manifestation of God. He Himself is His own glory!

The Lord says, “As the Atman, I reside in all hearts. I am the Himalayas. Among the rivers, I am the Ganga. I am in everything. I am this world”. All His glories are like His ornaments. When we see a painting, we see the artist in that work of art; in the same way, we see God through His creation.

The Lord further says, “O Arjuna, among the Pandavas, you are one of my vibhuti. Among the Vedas, I am the Sama Veda. Of all the mantras, I am OM. Among the birds, I am the eagle. Think of Me as the sun or the moon and meditate on Me. Meditate on Me as Ganga, or as the Himalayas. These are my ornaments. I am all these and much more. I am the source of every single detail in this universe”.

Bhagavan further explains to His beloved Arjuna, that- discrimination, true wisdom, sanity, forgiveness, truth, control over the senses and the mind, joy and sorrow, evolution and dissolution, fear and fearlessness, non-violence, equanimity, contentment, austerity, charity – these diverse feelings of creatures emanate from Him alone.

He who knows in reality this supreme glory and supernatural powers of His, gets established in Him through unwavering devotion, most undoubtedly.

Those whose minds are fixed on Him, with their lives surrendered to Him, sharing with one another about His greatness, and speaking of Him, they remain ever content and take delight in Him. In order to shower His grace on his creatures, Bhagavan dwells in their hearts; dispelling the darkness born of ignorance by the blessing them with the shining light of wisdom.

Chapter 10 is like the Lord ornaments and the robes that adorn His body. The whole world is God. In and through all creation, Bhagavan displays His glory. As devotees, we need support in meditation. So we can use the help of this chapter to meditate on the Lord, seeing Him in everything.

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