January 1, 2013


Hari Om!

Om Sri Chinmaya Sat Gurave Namah!

I bow in adoration to the One Absolute Universal Being, to that atma which shines eternally in your heart!

Just as our body renews our cells every seven years – a new year is the time of stepping into a new space.

In 2013 let us pledge and act to end abuse, violence of every kind, degradation of women, pollution of the environment – to make our planet a place of love, nurturing and joy for us and for the future of our children!

As world citizens we must ask ourselves the questions:
What service have I contributed to the world?
How much conflict have I resolved, how much love have I shared?
Where is the quiet time for my family and for me? How am I connecting to the Divine source and what has been my spiritual practice? How kind, compassionate, honest, caring and loving have I been to my fellow beings?

A New Year is a day to do an inventory of our life and move forward with a clear spiritual vision.

I wish you all a peaceful, joyful year – lived with consciousness of your goal and of the Divine that shines in every being!

Prem & Om

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