You said that work for what you want – work towards your commitment and what you want – but not in the expense of hurting others. But what if you want to achieve what you want, you want to work towards your goal, your commitment which are going to emotionally hurt another loved one? What would one do? Work towards their goal or give up and surrender to the expectation of your loved one?

When we have sound values within us, our goals and commitments will be in concurrence with them. Each one alone can know what reaction is coming up within them as a result of their actions. If I am a strict vegetarian and I eat meat by mistake, I will have a more severe reaction than one who is not such a strict vegetarian. Eventually, one has to be true to oneself. If I am convinced about the ethics and moral value of my stance I must have the courage to live my truth. It is the motive that determines my action. If my intention is not to hurt my loved ones and my action may turn out to be a ‘mistake’ I must have the courage to face the consequences and accept complete responsibility of being true to my goal. Sometimes when we follow our truth our loved ones may get hurt/ or the action in itself is such that will cause hurt to the people around us. Only our personal set of values can be the standard to determine that.