What is the difference between being realistic and negative? I know someone who works for a bank and during the current environment he is very pessimistic and people keeps saying he is negative. But my friend says he is being realistic and if he had been so positive then he would have spent/blown a lot of money and it would have been a problem for him.. Because he accepted the negativeness – he was able to best prepare for the current moment. So is he being negative? Is that wrong?

If you are truly realistic, you will know that philosophically the definition of the word real is “that which remains the same in three periods of time – the past, the present and the future”. From that point of view, the world around us is constantly changing. One who has studied the nature of this change, will naturally be conscious and realistic to the current situation around him or her.

Positive and negative are two states of our mind. If we are positive we learn to see the situation for what it is and act accordingly. There is no need to be negative about the financial situation. The true assessment of the situation enables man to think creatively and take the right action as the occasion demands. Negative people generally act out of fear. Actions taken in fear will never in the long run lead to constructive gains. In fact, one may be pessimistic right now. However, if one sees this situation from a different angle and realizes tha t there is a higher perspective to it