What I would like to know after losing my temper what can I do to rectify the situation? Is repentance a solution? Can you please offer some advice on this?

After losing our temper – we should not blame ourselves… but try and see what really is the issue that is causing the temper. That will help us to make a change within ourselves. It is generally because we want to CONTROL the situation or need to learn PATIENCE or some other quality to progress in our evolution. If we understand what caused our anger we should make an effort NOT TO REPEAT the same pattern of behavior. Let us see when when do we really get angry? Generally when we do not get what we desire – or When we cannot express our pain and hurt in a healthy manner it stifles our personality and manifests as this distorted emotion called anger.

Either way – anger is destructive to ourselves and others around us. Letting go of anger is by no means an easy task. Releasing anger does not mean expressing it. We need to release the negativity in a healthy way. With patience and perseverance it can be done. Watch your mind. What makes you angry? Is it worth it? As you witness the quality of your own thoughts without judgment, you can become more detached from it and understand that others have a right to behave the way they want- allow them, but don’t let their actions determine your mood. You stay in your center.

To calm our mind: • We can mentally ask for forgiveness from the person – or even out loud. • We can write a mantra (LIKHIT JAPA) – one page per day for at least 40 days. This helps calm our mind and heart and surrender it to God • Or meditate with visualizing the person in front of us and sending them love and light. • Surrender to God and ask for help for us to say the same thing in a calm manner

We must choose some method that is suitable for us to try and change ourselves.

Hope this helps. Many Blessings!