There are students who work really hard for the exams but still are not able to score, which is really demotivating for us, the root cause is said to be diversions and lack of concentration. Could you please help us out by giving tips on how to improve concentration and avoid diversions? Thank you so much!

Single pointed focus must yield excellent results. The intelligence within us needs to be directed like a laser, on the subject we are studying. I am certain that if you make a few minor adjustments and relax internally – you will be more successful. Here are a few points to help you score better!

1. Avoid distractions of surfing the net. Take a vow that for the next 6 months you will only go online for 2 hours a day. Stick to that resolve. Limit your time on the phone – promise yourself that you will only spend x amount of time on each call or refuse to answer the phone at the time of study. Vows help to make your will power stronger.

2. An effective way to train the mind to concentrate – is to sit at your altar or in a fixed place everyday – seated in a lotus pose or on a chair – but with your spine, neck and head in an erect posture. Light an oil or ghee (clarified butter) lamp. Keep your eyes open and stare at the flame. Your mind may wander – bring its attention back to the flame. Do this consistently for only 10 minutes everyday.

3. Every morning before you enter your school mentally affirm : “I have the power to concentrate and focus and I know by Divine Grace that I can achieve my goals with ease.” [It is important to add the word with ease].

Good Luck!