Shubhraji there are tons of gurus these days who are not liberated. They quote from scriptures, ask for a donation and speak too much, sell books CDs etc How can a blind lead another blind? Do a person who is not realized himself/herself has moral authority to teach/preach. With due respect I have a question as under. By the way what are your views about yourself? Thanks Regards Rajay

Hari Om. The important thing is when a seeker is sincere and does sadhana to gain spiritual knowledge,they are lead to a teacher who is genuine. Our concern should be to aspire for our liberation. All sorts of gurus are there – and sadhaks (aspirants) who are not sufficiently prepared may get attracted to teachers who may not be genuine.

CDs and books are important to reach seekers. They cost money to produce.Teachers also have to travel as opposed to the days where students used to go and study with the teachers in their gurukulas. In the ancient days spiritual teachers were supported by the community and the kings. This is not so today and so they need legitimate means to do the work.However, the emphasis should be on propogating the knowledge and the welfare of those who seek true knowledge.

Any one who has studied the scripture and trained with a guru can teach. The sanction is generally given by the guru. There is a lineage in this tradition. They do not need to be realized. Besides,who will ascertain if one is realized? It is not something to proclaim!

With regard to myself- I have no view to offer. My students are the best testimony to my work of spreading Vedanta.I give myself completely to it.

I am grateful to my guru Pujya Swami Chinmayananda to bless me with this knowledge and I am doing my best to share it with others.