My Dear, 7 ys. ago I met a nice freshly separeted man. We fell in love. 5 months leater i got ill and got pregnant. My friend did all possible to induce me to abortion.Thanks to my child birth I was partially healed but had to leave my hometown ’cause he hated me for my choice. He became a hidden stalker. Now I’ve worked through part of my past but I still wonder if I am ready to go back with my daughetr and get back our roots . What is my /our spiritual task and protection now?GodBless You

Hari Om .

Our spiritual task is to following fully our dharma or duty in life. Also to shoulder full responsibility for the consequences of our actions.Take all the advice regarding protection and your safety from the right trusted people and then act wisely. You have a right to your freedom adn life – I do not have the data to advise you completely. May the Divine guide you.