Most of the things in my life working very well. I am happy with manythings and have gratitude. I have been looking for a job but could not find one, the things I would enjoy and get paied for. Dont know what thought of mine blocking my work/job to manifest. How to change my thought around job and career? Many regards.

Your insight is valuable. You alone can identify the reason. Is it that you need a rest – so the job is not manifesting right away. Ask yourself that adn accept it-take a break! Or is it that you need to realise that you are worthy of a certain kind of job and hen the time is right it will manifest. Also have the unflinching faith that the universe/God supports you and visualize the perfect job! Examine what do you love doing, see yourself getting that kind of work – adn know God’s Grace is ever present.There has to be a reason – it is probably you knowing that you are worthy at many different levels to be blessed with a job! Good Luck!