Lately I feel off balance and can’t seem to get out of a down slump I am in. Health issues with family members, my job security being threatened and my body taking it all in with stiffness and pain. I am not angry with life – I know things change and end and I have alot to be grateful for, but my something inside doesn’t seem to agree. How does one keep balanced in the midst of chaos and change?

You’re right, all this is an indication that something within you needs to come back into balance. Please ask yourself what does not agree with you. You can only change things when you get to the root of the issue. When something inside us is resisting what life presents to us, it creates stress and conflict. Our body and our environment reflect this conflict. When we see our circumstances calmly without blame, and process our emotions, we can become stronger and happier. Ask yourself what you would want to create in your life – shift the focus from ‘them’ to you. This is the first step.

Call upon the Lord to help you move forward without fear and anxiety -trust. We cannot control the outside. We must believe that things are happening for our growth, and be willing to release old patterns. Start with one area in your life and work step by step only. You will succeed – I wish you all the best.