I’m living overseas in my daughter place,to help with the baby. I miss home but I try all the time be thankful think positively. Sometimes I’m asking myself why so big change but I warring about the time when I came bake. I fell lonely .Please help me

What a glorious opportunity to serve your family! If you can see that there is a greater scheme designed by the Infinite Lord-you will experience this situation differently. We are always placed in the perfect enviroment according to our own thoughts and inclinations. Our duty is to do what is in front of us with love and in the process, to rid ourselves of our weaknesses. Once we accept life cheerfully, the situation changes. Be where you are and give love to all those around you. The situation is only for your inner purification. You are never alone and God is loving you at every moment. I send you blessings to live joyfully and know that you are a wonderful person and the world needs you.