I have changed my life because of my yoga and meditation practice. I was an attorney and am now a therapist and yoga teacher in portland oregon USA area. Because of the break with my teacher here, Swami Chetanananda, I have had a very hard time finding another teacher and have studied vedanta on my own for years. Yet I feel lost, in need of a stronger soul to guide me. Can you suggest any other teachers in this area? I am stuck but do finally feel ready for another teacher. Debbi

You are a sincere seeker. Self Study of Vedanta is also rewarding. Howveer, if you desire a teacher to understand and live the vedanta way of life – all you have to do is to put this intention out to the Divine. Let God guide you to the right teacher. I studied with my Guru Swami Chinmayanandaji once or twice a year and spent the rest of my time in self study in the first few years of my contact with him. Attend a few teachings as and when you can, continue your study…when the time is right, the Divine will send the perfect tecaher for you! Good Luck!