hi shubraji,i have been wanting to attend your classes ever since i have moved to santa fe,but because of financial and time constraints have not been able to do so.I want to follow my heart ,teach yoga,cooking and take people on spiritual tours to india..however sometimes it becomes difficult and challenging to do what one loves as i am a single mother raising my 13 year old girl by myself.please advise!

Hari om Beloeved Self .First follow your heart adn all else shall fall into place. When you limit yourslef this way – the universe adn God reflects that limitation. See within adn decide what gives you joy – beleive in it – even if you do not know how or where or when- but have the faith that the Divine One is answering every prayer in yoru heart. You have blessings with you – drive out all feelings of aloneness and start trusting in God adn yourslef. Step by step – do the most imporatnt thing in front adn everything will clear. Start now- first invoke God within you- sit quietly and listen- follow His advice adn take th efirst step – be patient all is happening for you! Blessings!