Hello. Sometimes I feel i’m cursed. I’m 39 years old, never married, never even had a proper relationship. I’m not a bad person and I always think good of others and try to help. Why is God treating me like this? I’m not even fussy, asking for a rich man, etc. Just a kind man who is compatible with me… Why is it so easy for others to just meet someone special, fall in love and get marry but for me not even a date? Each day passing I am hurting my parents more and more. Seeking answers

Your feelings are valid. The answer is within- sometimes we call this kind of situation destiny. However,destiny is just our thoughts that lead to a particular action. In your case it will help you to look within and see what is blocking relationship/marriage from manifesting? It may be some deep rooted fear. It will help to look at what you feel about yourself – what are your real beliefs about yourself and relaionship? I feel in certain cases when prarabdha (past karma that is now mature) is too strong we can’t change it. However, every situation is trying to tell us something and help resolve the past. In your case I am sure you are a wonderful human being and there is someone for you -if you could have faith and truly believe that God has a plan for you, that you are loved by God. Mentally call your supportive partner into your life – believe it is happening, he will manifest by God’s Grace! I send you many blessings.