Hello, I have a feeling that my life is going as a circle. No matter what I do after few years i always come back to the same point of my leaving which is not nice. How I can stop this and change my behavior. Even if i thing that a choice is right and different that previous everything is keep repeating. Anna

Dear Anna:

The key is to identify the issue you are working on clearly, then put the intention to the Universe that it is resolved- whether at the personal, family or professional level.

Your behavior is guided by your thought patterns. Whatever thoughts you entertain in your mind, will influence your behavior and your actions.

Because you have had repeated patterns of a sense of “failure”, doubts keep cropping up in your mind.

Notice what thought is surfacing in your mind. Does it serve you or your goal? If it does not – substitute it with a positive thought and focus on that.

You need to trust that the old pattern is gone once for all, make a conscious shift in your mind to remove the old memory code of doubts and lack of accomplishment.