1. If prarabhdh is to be exhausted by every human being, how do we go about it? Which teachings will show us the way and/or assist us? How to find & understand them? 2. Life on earth appears to be getting more and more difficult/complex every second with social, political, economic and climatic crises. How can we transform ourselves for a positive impact on our environment and the Universe? Our Masters have taught that the shift can take place in split seconds. And we are still not there! Why?

Prarabdha is our destiny. Destiny is the sum total of all the consequences we have to face as a result of our past actions and thoughts. By working with love, surrendering our actions to a higher altar, we exhaust all the negative karmas that we created in the past through selfishness.

The basis of all spiritual teachings is Love. Vedanta clearly points out that there is one Self. When we act with this knowledge, we bring everything into balance creating harmony within ourselves and the world. Please see what resonates with your personality. To understand the true import of the scriptural declarations one needs a competent guide, the Guru. An adept master will guide the seeker to their inner freedom and independence.

The only way to transform ourselves is to work from a space of correct motivation, integrity, laughter, joy and love. In any sphere, everything starts with sincere desire of the individual. The world can change as each individual evolves from within.

Despite knowing everything, old habits of the past pressurize us and we lack commitment and focus to work on ourselves.