Śrī Gaņeśa Bīja Mantra

April 17, 2015

February 2016
You are listening to “Śrī Gaņeśa Bīja Mantra”
from Shubhraji’s CD “Chants for Healing”.


om gaṁ gaņapataye namah

This is Lord Gaṇeśa’s mūla (root) mantra. It is also known as his bīja mantra, for it combines Gaṇeśa’s bīja (seed) sound, gaṁ, with the phrase, “Praise be to Gaṇapati.” It is beneficial before starting any new venture and is also used to remove obstacles. (Please note that gaṁ is pronounced like the English word “gum.”)

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— Arielle Ford. Author of Wabi Sabi Love and The Soulmate Secret
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