October 12, 2015

May 2015
You are listening to “MORNING PRAYER”
from Shubhraji’s CD “Chants for Healing”.


prātaḥ smarāmi hṛdi saṁsphurad ātma-tattvaṁ
sac-cit-sukhaṁ parama-haṁsa-gatiṁ turīyam |
yat-svapna-jāgara-suṣuptam avaiti nityaṁ
tad brahma niṣkalam-ahaṁ na ca bhūta-saṅghaḥ ‖ (1)

At dawn, I meditate within my heart on the true nature of the soul, radiating,
Which is Truth-Knowledge-Bliss, whose goal is supreme self, transcendent.
What eternally illumines the states of waking, dream and sleep,
That Supreme am I, indivisible, and not a collection of things.

prātar bhajāmi manasā vacasām agamyaṁ
vāco vibhānti nikhilā yad-anugraheṇa |
yan-neti neti vacanair nigamā avocuḥ
taṁ deva-devam ajam acyutam āhur agryam ‖ (2)

At dawn, I worship with my mind, what is beyond the reach of words,
What by kind favor, whole words arise
What the veda-s spoke of with the words “not this, not this,”
That god of gods they call unborn, transcendent, the highest.

prātar namāmi tamasaḥ param-arka-varṇaṁ
pūrṇaṁ sanātana-padaṁ puruṣottamākhyam |
yasminnidaṁ jagad-aśeṣam aśeṣa-mūrtau
rajjvāṁ bhujaṅgama iva pratibhāsitaṁ vai ‖ (3)

At dawn, I salute the glow of the sun, beyond darkness,
Infinite, of the eternal, named the ultimate self
Upon what indivisible form this entire world appears
Verily, like the snake projected upon the rope.

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