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21-Day Vedantic Meditation with Shubhraji

21 Day Vedantic Meditation


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Explore your connection to Consciousness

Meditation is more than focusing our mind on a particular object, thought or activity to achieve an emotionally calm and super coherent state. 

You may be wondering:
  • What exactly is Vedantic Meditation?
  • Is relaxation and visualization the same as Meditation?
  • Can an app teach me how to Meditate, or do I need a teacher?
  • What will I gain by understanding Vedantic Meditation?

This course is designed to give you an in-depth understanding and experience in Meditation based on the principles of Vedanta. Through guided meditations, systematic explanations and practical exercises Shubhraji takes you on a journey into the subtler aspects of your being.

In this course you will:

  • Understand the logic of Meditation
  • Learn how to prime your mind to meditate
  •  Know about the 3 cornerstones of Vedanta
  • Use simple, effective techniques to bring you to a state of increased awareness
  •  Release emotions that are holding you back from moving forward in life
  •  Learn to access your authentic self with ease

This 21 Day Vedantic Meditation Program is for you:

  • If you want a deeper insight into Meditation
  • Develop your self- esteem
  • Control your senses and mind
  •  Function from a balanced state of being
Suitable for all levels
Engaging in one brief positive exercise every day for as little as three weeks can have a lasting impact, my research suggests”.
 (from Positive Intelligence by Shawn Achor, January – February 2012 Issue, Harvard Business Review)

Shubhraji is a disciple of Vedāntic Master H.H. Swami Chinmayananda. She is a teacher of spiritual studies and meditation techniques, which form part of the ancient Vedānta philosophy of India. She is also the author of In The Lotus of The Heart: The Essence of Relationships. She lives in the USA and travels widely in the U.S., Europe and Far East.   For her full bio Click Here.

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The combined effect of the Meditation Retreat/India, the 21-Day video conference series, and the Meditation Retreat/Truchas was that of breaking through my personal record of consecutive days of meditating. The benchmark of days increased over time and now it has been almost a year since the India retreat. I am still meditating every morning and it has become a ritual of great importance to me. I get peace and strength for the day by devoting that time to inner clarity. The India retreat shifted my focus, and the subsequent series and retreat reinforced my commitment.
—Paula Eastwood, Santa Fe, NM, USA
I am so grateful for these teachings! The 21-Day Vedantic Meditation Series offers an experience of meditation that includes relaxation but goes far beyond that. So, I began to experience the true benefits of meditation. The techniques offered were so easy to remember that I continue the practice.
Through the series, I had experiences of being limitless, expansive, and thus many of the limitations I was perceiving professionally and in other areas of life shifted or drifted away. I always look forward to opportunities to learn from Shubhraji!  commitment.
Kelly Jane Farrell, Naples, Florida, USA

“A deep, wise, and wonderful exploration of the Vedanta path for relationships both with yourself and with others. Shubhraji provides everything you need to create healthy, fulfilling relationships…”

— Arielle Ford. Author of Wabi Sabi Love and The Soulmate Secret
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